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Guangzhou shelves:After no retail convenience store
Article Type:Logistics Information  Publish Time:2017-9-21 15:37:23

        Since some time ago alibaba launched its first unmanned retail stores in hangzhou, for all kinds of related news maxed out each big circle of friends, for the customer, no convenience simple, efficient, to meet the needs of the fast pace of modern urbanite life: for businesses, not only save Labour cost, also can through the big data accumulation and inductive synthesis, and seems to be just a little, a lot of tea or corner of the company, are put on such a unattended shelves filled with all kinds of snacks.

     Since no one shelf "enclosure", the battle for the white-collar consumer battlefield have turned to the office, because no one shelf at a lower cost, closer to the consumer, after all, a convenience store near close again, still need to go downstairs, and then to a few hundred meters, O2O again fast also need at least half an hour to arrived, in order to closer to consumers, the empty shelves goods moved into the office and then can rob a part of the original belongs to the stock market of convenience stores, and secondly by "within reach" arouse consumers' impulse consumption goods.
    No one shelf exactly what spell?
    Low barriers to entry, is attracting many players into unmanned shelves in the field of one big reason. A common display shelves, costs around $300, goods valued at about 600 yuan, BD cost is controlled in 100 yuan, the initial cost of a point that is laid in 1000 yuan. Besides, there are warehousing logistics and supply chain cost, and it is the ability to scale put forward requirements - only when the shelves density reaches a certain extent, to shore up the high distribution costs. Generally "empty shelves" material is used in the iron, there are many types and sizes, choose a lot of, can be customized, the small shelves do not take up the position, still can reasonable use a space with the guangzhou remains warehousing logistics equipment co., LTD is a professional custom-made shelves of the company, is a collection of logistics transportation and warehousing equipment manufacturing, handling equipment production and workshop equipment research and development and processing of large factories, our products cover the storage shelves, logistics car, truck, iron plate, storage cage, material rack, artful solid frame, tool cabinets, locker, roller device and other industrial products, the other can according to customer demand, design, customization, and production of various types of non-standard products.
      As online traffic has become increasingly saturated, the retail industry reached a turning point, under the drive of new technology, no shelves this main office for eight hours a new scene form may become new in the transformation of retail formats in the near future.

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