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      Filing cabinets categories: according to the function in detail to generally contains data, dense ark, drawing cabinets, wardrobes, lockers, key cabinet, shoe ark, staff ark customized metal cabinet, etc. Points according to the material have steel file cabinets, panel cabinets, solid wood cabinets, stainless steel file cabinets. Usually office use are mainly steel file cabinets, families in general is plate file cabinets, luxury and show the status of solid wood cabinets is. And stainless steel file cabinets, cost is higher, so the people with a little less. Here the main is steel file cabinets. Steel file cabinets exports is tear open outfit, the domestic market is generally an organic whole. Steel file cabinets have noted, and a door, the door have a plenty of glass doors and gates. The door and you can move the door and closed the door. Drawer file cabinet, A4 paper filing cabinets, mainly is what kind of person he likes what can succeed in the door. There are usually tall ark (1850-2000 - mm), short ark (ark) is usually less than 1000 mm.
Locker have noted, wardrobe, a door wardrobe. Door closet door is divided into 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 door. 2 3 door specifications generally is 900\500 * 900 * 900, of course, every factory routine specifications may be different. Store content ark with 4 doors, six, eight, nine door, 10, 12, 15, 18 door, 24, 32, 40 door. Specification: 900 * 400 * 1900.
Regular filing cabinets segmentation: two bucket card hanging law cabinet, two pumping data, three pumping data, four pumping data, three smoke ark, three activities ark, six small lateral filing cabinets, three card hanging law cabinet, four card hanging law cabinet, five stub cabinets, glass door ground ark, 89 89 iron door cabinets, glass door ground ark, 118 118 iron door cabinets, glass door 12 file cabinets, single-door eight smoke ark, second floor has a filing cabinet, two and a half smoke glass cabinets, door cabinets, six smoke half bo filing cabinets, filing cabinets, partial three and a half glass full glass cabinets, three layers of ark, three measures of open data, three six smoke cabinets, glass under the iron mask door cabinets, glass on the iron door cabinets, shelves cabinet, two-door electronic combination lock file cabinets, double door (no bucket) luxurious lock, ark of four layers, four door cabinets, twelve pumping iron door cabinets, drawing ark (four), five layer of cabinet, ark of five layers, five of six units, two smoke half bo bookcase, under a six smoke ground ark, a four and a half bucket glass cabinets, hard four (attached) luxurious lock, hard four door cabinets, right three move the door half glass cabinets, six smoked glass in bookcase, with plastic spraying inferior smooth glass door low ark, plastic spraying inferior smooth door glass, plastic spraying coating inferior smooth two-door double festival filing cabinets, inferior smooth move two bucket door units, metal cabinet, etc.
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