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Shanghai - Shanghai Tong Benedict climbing machine rental equipment mainly scissor aerial vehicles, straight arm type aerial vehicle, crank arm type aerial vehicle and spider type aerial vehicle, the construction height from 6 meters 43 meters. Aerial vehicles are widely used in construction, industrial workshop steel structure installation, high-altitude pipeline laying, television advertising photography, municipal construction, elevated bridge maintenance, rail transportation, warehousing logistics, wall decoration, petrochemical and power industries such as high operating requirements.


Self scissor aerial work platform can be in different height under the working condition of fast, slow walk, can be up and down, forward and backward, steering and other easily operating platform in the air continuously. This product is made of high quality steel, laser welding robot welding of electronic double-sided molding process, Italy imported hydraulic pump station or the joint venture in Anshan hydraulic pump station, space cartridge valve technology platform which is equipped with a horizontal alarm, balance valve, automatic safety board alarm device, safe and reliable and durable operation platform, height 12 meters, load 300 kg, horizontal extension rails can be greatly expanded the scope of work, the one year warranty, five year warranty for key parts, factory, Park Plaza Airport, a high-altitude operations needs of customers.
Fixed scissor aerial work platform: the main use of goods all work on layers for transport between buildings carrying goods special hydraulic elevator products; three-dimensional garage and underground garage lifting car etc.. The hydraulic system is equipped with anti dropping and overload safety device, each floor and lifting platform can be set button, realize multi point control.The product structure strong, large bearing capacity, stable lifting, simple and convenient installation and maintenance, is economic and practical low interfloor alternative lift ideal goods transportation equipment. According to the requirements of the installation environment of elevator and the use of optional different configuration, can achieve better effect.

The internationalization of the aerial work platform products. Today's society is the rapid development of information technology society, any country and the enterprise can not be behind closed doors, therefore, strengthen international cooperation and exchange, the products to the international market is an important work in a period of enterprise. Although in recent years many industry products after the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, has made great progress in the quality and performance of products, many aerial work platforms, aerial vehicles have been exported to the Middle East and Southeast Asia, but also a small amount of exports to Europe and the United States, but the number is too small. The leader of the enterprise should proceed from a strategic perspective to seriously consider the international market strategy and plan. The upperairvehicle also began to slowly rise, many famous foreign enterprises such as the low level of product technology, low grade, can not adapt to the current needs of the development of the market, not to mention the participation in international competition in the market. The basic equipment supporting parts level, supporting infrastructure components manufacturers of products, specifications less capability and reliability of electrical components, hydraulic components, power components are not high, which also affected the development of domestic products.

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