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Guangzhou Jia Bao Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development of storage shelves, metal containers and logistics station equipment and other equipment, production and sales. At present, our company Foshan factory has 20,000 square meters of modern plant, supporting a variety of special machines and equipment more than 150 Taiwan, and has a strong team of more than 300 people, including professional and technical engineers, including, the annual output value reached 200 million per year yuan or more, our clients have included Pepsi in the country, China Post, Avon, TCL, etc., several well-known companies and products are exported to neighboring countries and Europe, the Middle East. Our product covers the storage shelves, logistics vehicles, take a car, iron pallets, storage cage, material racks, Qiao solid frame, tool cabinet (car), tool cabinet (car), lockers, roller devices and other industrial products , the other based on customer needs, design, customize and produce different types of non-standard products. "Enterprising, innovation, integrity, gratitude" is our business philosophy, we will be scientific logistics planning, quality products and fast service production, create high efficiency, low cost, high space utilization, logistics storage systems for You win more space for development.

Due to industrial development company needs, now face social recruiting for the following positions:

Job Status: 

Sales Manager Job Number: 3

More than 1,3 years of work experience in the shelf or related products, more than 1 year experience in team management
2, with industry experience in business development, customer sales ability

3, which has an independent sales and sales team management

4, serious, hardworking with good work ethic

Website SEO optimizers 5

1, is responsible for the website products and articles of daily content updates and optimization;

2, skilled dreameaver and photoshop software operation;

3, more than one year of work experience is preferred SEO, fresh graduate. 


CAD Draughtsman 5

1 preliminary drawings for the sale of technical services.

2. Proficiency in CAD software to produce two-dimensional and three-dimensional map.

3 There are shelves and hardware industry experience preferred.

4 computer skills: flexibility in the use of AutoCAD software, skilled use of other conventional software Offices

5 quick mind, and actively learn, the clerk can quickly understand the information provided. 

Foreign trade clerk over

1, the skilled use of Offices and other conventional software, there are more than one year of work experience in foreign trade;

2, can be spoken and written with foreign exchange and foreign trade are familiar workflow;

3, familiar with Alibaba and Google platforms operating

4, responsible for production tracking, delivery, site monitoring equipment;

5, familiar with the document review, customs clearance, settlement, service and workflow. 

Domestic sales of more than

1, irrespective of age, male or female, more than two years of sales experience is preferred;

2, proactive, patient and meticulous, strong sense of responsibility, full of team spirit, good communication skills;

3, familiar with a variety of office equipment and common office software. 

Production designer a shelf

1 familiar with the market and conventional steel screw specifications, raw material purchase requisitions submitted;

2 can independently shelf production drawing design;

3 with Factory development and design of new products;

4 things carefully and deliberately, strong sense of responsibility. 

More than carbon dioxide welder

1 skilled use of carbon dioxide welding machines and related equipment; least two years of relevant work experience;

2 can read drawings and complete product makers treated favorably independence. 

More than general workers

Irrespective of age, male or female, there are shelves and hardware industry experience preferred. 

Production Supervisor 1 person

1, according to the sales order production planning, control the production schedule to ensure the timely delivery;
2, responsible for the control of production processes, work allocation, staffing and control of production processes responsible person;
3, formulate and revise standards and work processes of the product and labor quota familiar with ERP systems;
4, responsible for production workers in management, education, training, and implementation of performance appraisal;
5, responsible for the production of materials, management and production of abnormal Dailiao tracking and improved;
6, is responsible for quality control and production of abnormal situation prevention, correction, improvement;
7, improve production site management, the implementation of 5S;
8, in charge of production equipment, equipment management and maintenance;
9, to complete arrangements for matters related to their superiors; 

Contact: Miss Chen

Tel 020 -82309490

Address: Guangzhou Dongpu Road, Tianhe District, Ji Chu Lin Gang Lu Jie, 3rd Floor, No. 7, a large


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